Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Every January, I read blogs and articles recommending a step back to create a plan for the year, to reevaluate and simplify. So, I've been thinking about why I spend time working with glass, why I create the things I do, where I hope to go with it...

I don't imagine I'm alone in sometimes wondering if it's worth it - from creating, to blogging, to selling - it is a lot of hard work. I do get overwhelmed at times - especially before a big show. I also get frustrated because I have so many things I want to try and there is never enough time. There are moments when I consider packing it all up in a big box, and pushing it into a dusty corner in my garage. 

But, I really would miss the creating (the selling...not so much). I love the process and the work. I love the happy feeling when I pick up beautiful new pieces of glass. I enjoy the discoveries, the challenges, the anticipation of opening the kiln to see what the heat has wrought. It's fun to have ideas humming through my thoughts. And It's fun meeting and talking with the other artists and customers at art festivals and shows. 

I hope to create art and jewelry that is unique, that is affordable, that is fun and vibrant and makes people feel happy. I don't think it's any deeper than that for me. 

I guess as an artist I'm not complicated, edgy or tormented. My work doesn't have some deep philosophical meanings and undertones. I just like what I'm doing and am pleased when others do too! 

So, my goals for 2012:

Create what I love.

Enjoy it when others love it too.

Try new things

Relax and enjoy the journey.



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