Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silent Monuments

Darell Koons - Michigan February Morn 
(watercolor) 10" x 14" $ 750
Isn't the piece above lovely.
It makes me wish I was there - walking up that road, snow crunching beneath my feet, heavy cold air on my face. It was painted by one of my college art professors - Darell Koons.
A few years back, I wrote the poem below in his honor. I really don't write much poetry, but sometimes the words will pop into my mind, and I jot them down real fast. I ran across it when I fired up an one of our old Macs, and wanted to share it here. 
Mr Koons is an amazing artist and an even better person. He is so very humble. I saw him give an artist talk recently, and he was completely down to earth and funny. If you have time, click on the link below for a look at some of his work.
Alone -
He sees them,
Silent Monuments
To a time that is past,
Weathered and worn,
Built to last.

Stark -
Still and strong,
Solitary Sentinels
Beckoning his eye
With hints of red,
Against cold, gray sky.

Steady - 
Brush in hand,
Master Artist
Capturing time on board,
With skill, patience,
And Glory to the Lord.


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