Saturday, February 25, 2012


To Create small books reflecting a sense of place that share one's experiences of Greenville County.

2 Main Rules

1. The book must be made from one A3 or A4 (ISO) sheet or card in equivalent US sizing and can be folded into the format you want.

2. Cuts can be made but the sheet must remain relatively whole- so not cut in half etc. clicking the link takes you to the UK site, SomethinkCollective for examples.

So, I decided last week to take a little break from working with glass to create a mini-book for a local Minibook Collective that I had read about. It sounded like it would be fun! I've put some of the information from their website above, but basically they want books that reflect the artist's personal interpretation or feelings about Greenville, SC.

After thinking about it for a couple of days, I jotted down a quick verse about what Greenville means to me. Bottom-line...Greenville is Home. It's not where I was born, but it is where I want to be. In fact, I've been here so long, that it is now more home than the place where I grew up.

I then started the process of figuring out how I wanted my book to look. The size was limited, so that was an easy decision. The only other rule was the sheet had to remain intact... I spent some time folding the page, and then sketching out the basics of my layout. I then moved my idea to the computer, using Photoshop and InDesign to combine photos I had taken with text and effects. After the design was finished, I printed out a test copy to double check fold and placement.

The next step was to have the file output to a single sheet of high quality stock. I then carefully cut out my book, scored and folded the pages. I used pastels, Prismacolor pencils, markers, pigments and findings to finish off my little book. Now, if I can just manage to get it turned in by the deadline!

Minibook dummy - basic fold and rough sketch.

Second Draft for position and fold.

Final - Cover

Final - Open to Gate Fold

Final - Opened Gate

Final - Inside Spread

Final - Back Cover


Tiny petals drifting down

the stream of hours,

Alone, apart

from garden flowers,

Swirls in a pool,

Lands on a stone,

Lifted by breezes

and carried along,

Comes to rest,

finds a home,

Falls among strangers,

soon to be friends,

Many paths to one place,

each journey ends.




  1. What a beautiful tribute to the lovely land of Greenville (I have a very soft spot for it myself)! Lovely verse, and I love the kind-of collage-y effect of the images you combined. I'm so impressed!

  2. Thank you. It is an amazing city, and Have been here longer now than where I grew up. It has become special to me to. I love the climate most of the time, the people are great, the economy is better here than in lots of places right now. The city is still growing - new construction going on all around downtown. And, this was really a fun project!

  3. You are so talented. Loved this!