Sunday, December 4, 2011

Featured Pendant Week - All Lit Up for Christmas!

Everyday this week - today through Friday, I will featuring a pendant on my blog and my Facebook page.
They are scheduled to post around 10:00 AM each day except today.

If you are looking for a gift or a treat for yourself, then let me know in the comment section or just click "buy it now" below the pendant.

I will be happy to ship these anywhere in the continental US for you (if it's outside the US, contact me and we can work it out). I will include a small gift bag and a black cord with each pendant.

Since each if these is a one-of-a-kind creation, once it is sold there isn't another just like it. If you wanted it, but it slipped away then contact me at or through the comment/post section, and I will see if there is anything similar for you to look ata.

This black and white Christmas tree is the first featured pendant. All Lit Up for Christmas is hand painted with a swirling decorative pattern that has been fused permanently into the glass.

All Lit Up for Christmas



  1. How do you fuse the glass without melting it, Also when we tried it with a torch the glass always broke when was cooling down? Do we need to reheat with the torch?

  2. Jenny, I use a kiln for fusing, and so I haven't used a torch before. The glass does kind of melt into liquid pools, the longer and higher the heat the more it melts together. You can tack fuse by holding at a lower temp between 1300-1400 degrees. Tack fusing softens the edges, and adheres pieces to each other, but the glass retains its basic shape. To fully fuse a piece you heat up to 1550 degrees or so. As for breaking, you need to make sure you use compatible glasses. Glass has a COE rating - the rate it expands and contracts. Bulleye glass has a 90 COE while Spectrum is 96. You wouldn't want to mix those 2 glasses because they would crack when cooling. Also, you have to control the rate of cooling. If it cools to fast, thermal shock will cause your glass to crack. I think controlling that would be tough with a torch. Hope that helped.