Friday, October 5, 2012


I've been trying out various options for online selling. I've had a few Etsy sales, but I don't have time to keep my online shop stocked with inventory. It also makes it more difficult for me when you can't use the iPad to upload photos. I take most of my photos with the terrific camera on my, I really want to use it. With Etsy, I have to go bring those photos over to my desktop iMac to post them. I tried Yessy, but I couldn't use my iPad there either. When I contacted customer service, they told me I needed to use a "real computer".

Today, I found two new sites, one is called Gumroad and the other is Ribbon. It seems that Gumroad is primarily used for selling things that are downloadable like music, pdf's and jpegs. Ribbon is for actual physical things like my pendants. It allows you to create a link to an e-commerce page. You can post that link to Facebook, Twitter and also embed in places like this blog.

I do a good bit of posting on my Facebook page, and up until this point really didn't have a way for anyone to purchase what I posted. Hopefully, this will help with that.

I've created a purchase link to the pendant above. Take a minute to check it out.