Thursday, March 3, 2011

Woven Glass

I have been working with transparent glass this week. I wanted to try to create a larger piece using overlapping pieces of glass. This piece is fresh from the kiln, it's probably a little larger than a piece of copy paper. It is a series of purple and amber strips of glass that overlap to create a basket/like woven pattern.

Now, i need to decide what to do with it, do I mount it on a canvas board? Is the canvas painted a flat white, or do I put some kind of a pattern on it that will show through the transparent glass?

Any ideas?


  1. Maybe you can use Scottish tartans for inspiration...and when the Scottish games come to G'ville in the summer, you can get a booth there! Love plaids myself.

    Maybe try it on different colors, lime green or yellow?

  2. I like it on a white background Leisa. But a different coordinating color background would definately give it a different look.

  3. Thanks Jim! The amber glass was in the little white box of glass I got from you a while back.

  4. What about slumping into a plate or basket?