Monday, September 20, 2010

Sometimes it doesn't work...saved from the trash

After a recent blog post that chronicled the failure of a four piece glass tree, I received several comments that encouraged me not to give up on the piece.

Unfortunately, for me, I had already thrown it in the kitchen trash can, and that bag had been dumped into the outside garbage can. Fortunately, (I think) it wasn't quite trash day, so the can was still sitting in the hot South Carolina sun...

I sifted through several bags of trash before retrieving all of the broken pieces. The whole thing went back into the kiln for a third firing, and this time it held...there was evidence running through of the previous breaks, but it was an interesting effect.

After a few days of cooling and waiting to see if there would be more cracking, I started thinking about what to do with it now. I made several attempts, but didn't like anything I tried. Finally, I pulled out a set of Prismacolor pencils and started working on the canvas around the tree.

Below you can see the result. Do you think it was worth all the effort, or should I have left it for the trash truck.