Friday, September 24, 2010

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

Bubbles (trapped pockets of air), are sometimes frowned upon by glass artists, and I have had a few bubbles that spiraled out-of-control, grew into giant, distortions, and ruined a piece... or 10. But lately, since I started glass painting, I have decided that I kind of like the look of the tiny bubbles trapped in between the low spots in the paint and the glass cap. They add something unpredictable to the overall piece. Below are a few examples where they seem to work...

In this dragonfly tile, I managed to capture 2 little bubbles where the eyes should be...I wish I could claim to have know this would happen, but not really, it was just a happy coincidence...don't they call that serendipity?

In this lilies tile, there's a bit of bubbling around the petals and in between each lily.

This one is a little older, but I kind of liked that little bubble trapped right in the middle where the center of the flower should be. My husband, who does a wonderful job, of naming each piece did his usual stellar job of naming this one...Atmosphere Frozen Forever.


  1. Okay you have this conversational, inspirational, motivational, fun and fanciful blog thing DOWN, Leisa! Love to watch the latest and greatest unfurl. A treat for the eyes. Thanks for letting us join in the joy!

  2. Thanks Susan! I am in the process of learning what to do with the blog now that I have it. It's kind of becoming a glass journal, but has the potential for so much more. I think you would be a great write so well. Have you given it any thought?