Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes it just doesn't work...

I started this tree to fit on a tall canvas board. Because of the size of my kiln, I planned to fire four separate pieces.

Ready to fire

In the kiln.

Done firing.

I thought it was going to be fine, but unfortunately, there must have been some moisture trapped in the layers during the initial firing. Long after they had cooled I found the top two pieces snapped in half.

I even tried to fire it again, but this time it snapped in another spot. You just never know...I was disappointed, because I liked the look of this one. it was tough to give up on it, but I finally had to admit defeat.


  1. Oh man - isn't there some way to still use those? I actually really like the curves....could you buff them down so they wouldn't be sharp and keep moving forward with the piece?

  2. I love them! I always like to challenge a mistake into a masterpiece!

  3. I see some other "element"...maybe even representing the water that caused the crack...or a place for some random leaves or sticks....

  4. Great ideas! Now to go dig it out of the trash : ) I Think I threw it out in a fit of frustration a couple days ago.