Monday, November 14, 2011

Again with the display...

Yes, I may be just the slightest bit obsessed with my art festival display. I seem to post a bunch about it's development, continued evolution, overhauls, and tweaks. I guess to the casual reader it may seem a bit odd, but it is something of a continuing saga for me.

This past weekend, I did what is probably my last outdoor show until Spring. As I was setting up, I took some photos of my display as I was assembling it. The last change I made was to replace the panels with a light weight, but sturdy foam core board.

Two metal shelves from Hobby Lobby with two curtain rods suspended between.

Three panels clipped to the curtain rod with chip clips that I attached to the foam core with E-6000 adhesive. I created three panels instead of one larger one so I I could store the entire display in one container for easier transport.

I cut and glued thin strips of foam core to create shelves for the pendants. Because of the angle of the panels, the pendant sit on the shelves without falling over or off. It is also easier now for people to see the pendants and pick them up and put them back. In the first draft of this display, the pendants were attached using s-hooks, but it was awkward for customers. They had trouble putting the pendants back on after looking at them.


  1. I love your display. It's so neat when all of your pieces are lined up. It really shows off your work.