Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Night at Mistletoe Market

Tonight was the first night of Mistletoe Market. My mom went down to Anderson with me and helped me set up for the show. She had already taken my big box of pendants home with her this week and spent time organizing them into categories, colors, styles, etc.

This was a huge help when putting them on display...oh, she did that too! Thanks Mom for all your help! I loved having you with me.

We got to the museums about 2:15 and were finished setting up just about the time the first customers came in at 4:00. There was a pretty good crowd there tonight. The event was very well organized. I enjoyed meeting the people who had been sending me advance emails in person.

A colonnade at the entrance of the museum

A fountain outside the museum

My booth

A few new enameled copper pendants

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