Monday, November 14, 2011

Gowensville, SC

Old schoolhouse Gowensville, SC

When I first started creating fused glass work, I realized I needed outlets to sell it. It really started out kind of slowly. I wore my own things, people at worked liked them enough to ask about them, and I overcame my uncertainty enough to bring a basket into work. To my surprise, I sold quite a few that way. The next step brought me to a local gift shop where I rented a space for my things, and I explored the possibility of doing my first outdoor festival. This is where Gowensville comes in.

I really don't remember exactly how I found out about this festival, probably an email from MAC (Metropolitan Arts Council). But, I nervously filled out the application and sent it in with the entry fee. To my relief, I was accepted and began preparing for the show. I had nothing to work with. I borrowed a couple of tables from my dad. They weren't even folding tables, so he took them to the site in the back of his truck for me. I was so nervous about this show that I took half day off work so I could go out the afternoon before to scope things out and set up my tables.

I borrowed a set of red charger plates from my mom to use to display my pendants. I threw together some signage and scrounged up a couple of red tablecloths. Thankfully, my mom came along with me to help out as well. There were just so many details involved in doing a show, from price signs to money for change. It was all so new - kind of scary but fun too!

That first show went better than I had expected. The people there were so nice. The weather on that November day was unseasonably warm. And, I actually sold stuff!

So, this past Saturday, I went back to Gowensville for the third time. After a couple of years of doing shows, I don't get nearly as nervous these days. I don't go out the day before anymore, and I have my very own folding tables. I still rely on and enjoy help from my mom and my husband. I still have lots of details to remember, and I confess to worrying needlessly about having enough inventory...haven't sold out yet.

I enjoyed being there this year as much as the first year. It is always nice to get out and meet people. I enjoy talking to them, explaining the process of fusing and hearing their stories. It is nice to sell a few pieces too! I always feel better about making the money to support buying and fusing more glass.

The tree right above my tent - 2011

My first festival space in Gowensville in 2009.

My booth this past Saturday - 2011

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