Friday, May 6, 2011

My 2 Moms...

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? ~Milton Berle

For many years, I've listened to friends telling horror stories about their mothers, or more often...mother-in-laws. Thinly veiled insults, back-handed compliments, turf wars, downright animosity, destructive manipulation - their stories will curl your hair!

And so, I know I am particularly blessed with the two most wonderful mothers on the planet - one by birth and the other by marriage.

My own mother is a true "steel magnolia" - strong and in control and yet warm, kind and compassionate. She is my north star. When I am tossed by the storms of life, I am comforted by the knowledge that she is there, steady and true. She is my cheerleader, example, encourager, advisor and friend. She has shown me what unconditional love is. If I can be half the mother she has been, I will be a success.

And, as recently noted, my mother-in-law is willfully oblivious to all my faults. No one can convince her that I even have them... so she refers to me as her "angel from heaven." From the first moment we met, she wrapped me in a warm blanket of love and acceptance and made me feel like her very own daughter. Tim and I have been married almost 24 years now, and I can truthfully say that in all of those years she has never been anything but loving and kind to me.

So, this is my Mother's Day tribute to my two moms. I am so grateful to both of them for demonstrating such grace and unconditional love. I am also thankful to God for the blessing of loving and knowing these two remarkable women!

My mom and mom-in-law at The Breakfast Club on Tybee Island - on our recent trip to the beach.


  1. What a lovely testimony of God's goodness in both your moms - and a great blessing for your family. It's nice to hear a 'good' story!

  2. That was the most sweetest work of literature I have ever read. I feel that if you go into a marriage with a sweet loving attitude, it will extend for years to come.

  3. Thank you Timber and Anon. God is so very good to us and gives us the most wonderful gifts in this life too - far better than I deserved, but I am thankful for them. I hope this post didn't sound like hyperbole, because every single word of it is truth. I have not exaggerated to make them anything other than what they are.