Monday, May 23, 2011

Exuberant Garden

I worked on something that didn't involve glass or metal this weekend. While I had a kiln firing, I opened an unprimed board and experimented with acrylic washes, and glazes to create the painting above. I want to submit something to a contest and the them is the "Exuberant Garden."

I enjoyed working with the paint, letting the pure colors flow into each other, building up color and texture, muting it, pulling bright color back up to the surface.

As always, painting is difficult for me. I tend to overwork, to over think, to sap the joy right out of the process. I tried to maintain control and yet loosen up a bit too.

I'm not sure it's a success artistically, but it sure was fun!


  1. Leisa I really really love this. You do such a great job with color and texture. I am never disappointed in your work.

  2. Love, Love, LOVE the color combinations! Seems so fresh & almost alive!

  3. I believe the controlled loosening was successful! It's beautiful.

  4. Ditto! Ditto! & Ditto! Lovely (and loose). %^)