Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Approaching Storm

I know a few people checked in thinking this was Part 6 of Tim's Red Sketchbook Project...sorry to disappoint. I promise to post Part 6 as soon as it is ready. I think I have almost caught up with posting to where he is actually working, so there may be a slight delay.

Actually, since this isn't part 6, it is much less interesting. I am still playing around with the encaustics I got for Christmas. It is an interesting, maddening, uncontrollable, medium with infinite possibilities. I just wish I had more time to explore those possibilities. Soon, I need to get back to working in glass because I have several shows coming up, the first in February. I hope to be able to do least one encaustic experiment a week though.

So far, I just have no idea what I'm doing. I had ordered some medium off Etsy, and the seller has been very supportive. In one email, she told me there is no wrong way to do encaustic. What a relief...

Here is my latest attempt...

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