Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stop Being So Serious!

I believe that I was born serious.

As a child, I was serious about, art, softball, the future, and most everything and anything else. That's not to say, I wasn't happy...I was, just serious.

Growing up, I always wanted to have one of those happy, funny, larger than life personalities. Unfortunately, DNA is tough to overcome, I remain fairly serious and a little shy to this day.

Thankfully, I was blessed to marry someone who is way more gregarious and memorable than I am. He is funny and loud and interesting, and comes from a big, rowdy, fun, Chicago family.

They didn't hesitate to take in a shy, little Southern girl 24 years ago! They gathered me into their big, warm embrace, and have always loved me unconditionally. It is my hope that over these past 2 decades, just a little of their warmth and humor has rubbed off on me.

Maybe that will explain my recent glass creation detour. I just got tired of being so serious, and one restless 2 AM, the idea for "FusieDoozies" came to me.

They are still in the prototype stage, but I had so much fun playing around with the concept. I created 6 of these little critters, came up with the "FusieDoozie" name, and developed a preliminary packaging idea.

It has been an interesting experiment. I loved creating them, and I had even more fun naming and making up a brief bio for each. Thought I would throw them out here on the blog and see if anyone has any feedback for me. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions, criticisms - any and all are welcome!

Unfired FusieDoozie Prototypes

Freshly Fired.


  1. Love 'em!! I think they'll be a great success - I enjoy whimsical stuff and I love how you're naming them writing a funny blurb about them (is Timm involved a bit there, lol?)

  2. Thanks Melanie...tim's a definite influence here.

  3. Love these - fun idea with lots of personality. Good for you!