Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last Minute Panic

So this weekend is Chatty Crafty in Chattanooga, my second Indie Craft event, and for some reason I am strangely calm.

I imagine about Thursday, it's all going to hit me and I will begin a spiral of panic and begin frantically trying to finish everything up, pack, etc.

I have a ton of pendants ready to take. Tim finished naming them all last night. I am pleased with the variety of subject matter, shapes and sizes!

Right now, my garage/studio looks like a bomb exploded inside. I have got to get In there and try to organize the chaos into containers that my mom, Emily and I can manage when we arrive Friday night and begin the set-up.

I'm not sure about this whole out-of-state thing. I will know more once it is over, of course. I do know that there are several other big events planned for Chattanooga this weekend, there are no hotel rooms available downtown there, the weather forecast is looking good, and the event seems to be well-planned. So, I anticipate a great weekend! At the vey least, I think my mom, daughter and I will have fun.

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