Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ever Forward...

I wish that I could say that I had a fabulous weekend sales-wise in Chattanooga. Unfortunately, sales were slow, and the weather was chilly. But, I can report that we had a nice time while we were there. Chattanooga is a great town, the people were nice and were understandably proud of their city.

Chatty Crafty was held in Renaissance Park near downtown. There was a cool, big mountain of dirt in the middle of the park, from the top you got a pretty view of the surrounding area. Local kids had a great time "sledding" down the hill on sleds and make-shift cardboard boxes.

We met lots of nice people there, we enjoyed great food at a place called FoodWorks and had breakfast at a cool grocery store called GreenLife.

One morning, mom and Emily found a little doughnut shop that had the best doughnuts. One of the locals said we needed to go back and try their famous "bacon doughnuts". He insisted they were delicious. Unfortunately, they were closed on Sunday morning, so we didn't get the chance to try them for ourselves.

Breakfast pizza at GreenLife Grocery.

Carousel at the adjoining Coolidge Park

View of Chatty Crafty from the "mountain" there in the park.

That's our canopy from above. The one with the windows.

We realized on the second day why everyone had to duck when they came into our tent. We hadn't raised it to the highest notch when we put it up in the dark Friday night. We didn't realize there was a problem - apparently, we are hobbits.

The weight we used to hold the tent down. It was windy enough to blow us away. We had one on each the front legs, and the back two were staked into the dirt behind us.

The Tennessee Aquarium

The Delta Queen

So, all in all it was a fun trip. The show ended at 6:00 - we had managed to surreptitiously begin packing up around 5:00 and were totally ready to roll at 6:15. I am so appreciative to my mom and Emily for all their help and support! They made the whole trip a pleasure, and I could not have done it without them.

This show was my first out-of-state experience. As of now, I plan on staying closer to home for a while. That isn't to say that I won't venture out again sometime, but I have several more small and local events lined up in the coming weeks. So for now, my motto is....Ever Forward!

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