Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Dark Corner Revisited

My very first show was last year in Gowensville, SC, and it was a great first show. The people are extremely nice and even invited me to come back this I did.

Just like last year, we had a fun day there. The weather was wonderful, an absolute picture perfect fall day - warm and sunny, bright blue skies, red and gold trees, leaves falling like snow all around us.

One couple gave us a brief history of why the area is called "The Dark Corner." Apparently, at one time, this scenic mountain community was a haven for bootleggeers, moonshiners and other ne'er do wells.

An article I read online said that it was "an area where strangers unknowingly might go in and not return...(the area) rivaled the old west for its gun-fights, knife-fights, and mayhem in general."

Because of this outlaw reputation, a place there is known as "Little Chicago." Tim is from Big Chicago and wanted to see what Little Chicago was like. After we packed up to leave, we drove down the road trying to find it.

It's basically a bump in the road, marked by a big sign that is topped with a marker that says Little Chicago. Underneath pis a bunch of other signs marking distances to places far and near. There is a gas station on one corner, a broken down old country store and a little cafe - that's it.

The road sign that is "Little Chicago"

Tim visits Little Chicago

J.B. Williams and Son Grocery

Early morning setup begins.

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