Friday, November 5, 2010

On the Road Again...Chattanooga Bound.

Well, we are sitting in traffic on I-285 on the north side of Atlanta at 5:02 on a Friday. We made great time getting to this point, but I believe we are about to lose some of that now. the weather has shifted from partly cloudy, to mostly cloudy, to sunny, to rainy, to stormy on us throughout the trip so far. Currently, it is pretty stormy looking as we merge onto I-75.

Leaving Greenville on I-85- the clouds were really pretty. You could see bands of rain in the distance.

Closing in on Atlanta, storm clouds over Stone Mountain as we approach.

Time to merge onto 285, storms ahead...and traffic jams.

Sitting in Traffic on I-285

Look mom no hands...Wait, that is my mom!

Emily is in the back seat pretending she can't hear us.

Dinner somewhere in Georgia.

We checked into our hotel, then headed downtown to find Renaissance Park and attempt to set up our area. It was the first time that we had put up the new canopy without Tim's help. Took a while, but we finally got it up. Hope it is still standing in the morning. We staked and weighted there's hope.