Monday, October 18, 2010

Trial and Error...Heavy on the Error.

Tonight I spent a couple of hours fusing and playing around with this blog. Trying to figure out how to enhance it, add a slide show and cool features like that. It took some time, but I finally got it to work. If at first you don't the directions.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a knack for doing things the hard way. I often joke with my husband that I don't have to read the instructions because I know he will, and then I can just ask him.

I wonder how much easier things would be, if I started with the directions first. I know I would finish most things lots faster. Is this tendency to go it alone specific to me, or is it just human nature?

I wish it was only on trivial things like creating a blog or learning Photoshop that I end up finally resorting to the manuel. Unfortunately, my ready, aim, fire nature is also all too evident when it come to my walk with Christ.

How many times do I try and just figure it out myself, rather than opening The Manuel and asking for his guidance? You'd think after all these years, I would learn from my mistakes...


  1. It's looking good. Whatever you tweaked has allowed me to post a comment. And no, you're not alone with the head-first battering ram method.

  2. Slide show is beautiful, Leisa! And appreciate the commentary. So often we all look at each other and see their "finished product", assuming all went smoothly to the end, but wince within ourselves over our own failures. So easy to assume the human condition is easier for someone else to deal with than for ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Fantastic, Leisa! Thank you for working so hard to bring more beauty into the world..and sharing your heart as well!