Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ring Around the Rosies

I was waiting out in front of my office building this morning about 8:50 to take a photo of a large group on the office steps. The sun was coming up over the edge of the the building, illuminating the roses planted there.

They were almost glowing...sparkles of dew on their very red petals. I couldn't resist taking a few shots while I waited for the group to arrive and assemble. Such beauty, such simplicity, such grace, such a gift from the creator to His creation.

How often do I hurry past those very bushes without a glance?

It makes me wonder what other moments of grace I miss as I rush through life. I always feel like I am late for the next thing...from the moment my feet touch the floor in the morning until I tuck my toes back under the blanket at night...I am in a perpetual hurry. How many little spectacles of loveliness are right in front of me, but never noticed?

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  1. So true....i think it has something to do with the love we have for our husband, kids, job.... life itself. Never missing a beat, but not listening to the music. Good "food for thought" for the day. Think I'll stay home tonight, cook for my family, and just enjoy them.