Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life in the Eyes

We met one of the vendors this weekend - a wonderful portrait artist.

Tim had a chance to talk with her about her work. She had some of her previous work there, would take commissions, but would also do charcoal portraits on the spot.

She said that having a sitting model usually spurs other business for her. So, we bartered my glass for a portrait, and Tim got the chance to sit for her. He said that they chatted and joked the entire time, so it didn't require him to sit stone still for a whole hour.

Here is the final portrait. I thought it turned out really great! She just had a way of capturing the personality, not just a likeness. She focused on sculpture and has been doing portraits for over 20 years.

Interestingly, she ended up getting a few more sittings and a commission for a larger portraits as a result of Tim sitting for her! She chose the glass piece featured in the "Sometimes it doesn't work...saved from the trash" blog entry I posted earlier. After all that piece went through, I am happy it has a good home now.

A few more photos from the weekend.

Across the street is the historic Abbeville Opera House.

Packing up to leave.

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  1. What a terrific portrait! I'm really enjoying your blog travels.