Monday, October 4, 2010

Grace Abounds!

What a nice weekend! The Trillium Arts Festival was fun! I enjoyed being out in the beautiful, fall weather all day. The people who came by my booth were so pleasant, and I even sold some stuff...which always helps! We got a little more practice setting up and taking down the booth. We are certainly getting faster. Again, my mom, Tim, and this week my dad came out too, were a great help. I can't thank them enough.

Saturday was my mom and dad's 49th Anniversary!

Sunday, our church celebrated the annual fall Homecoming. It was another beautiful day! The event is now held inside the new gym, so we aren't as dependent on good weather, but it was still nice and beautiful outside. There was just too much good food there, it was tough to decide what to put on my plate.

The service was about the overwhelming grace that Christ bestowed on us when he took upon Himself the penalty for our sins on the cross.

One of the verses spoke of us as His workmanship, in artistic terms we are His masterpiece. The pastor made the point that if we don't feel so much like a masterpiece, then it may be because we don't realize exactly how hopeless and sinful we were when he chose us. We were dead in our sins, unable to help ourselves in any way, He chose us and turned us into works of grace, living monuments to grace.

When all of earth's masterpieces, monuments, statues, and wonders have passed into dust and ruin, those who willingly receive the gift of His grace will remain eternal monuments to the goodness of God.

Working at the festival

My canopy from above. That's my mom standing to the left.

My dad mans the table.

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