Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Dug Up...

Earlier this year, as I was just beginning with enameling, I was talking to a friend who is an artist about the process. He said that he likes stuff that looks like you just dug it up out of the dirt. I thought that enameling might be the perfect way to create this grungy look.

It gives you the ability to layer color, leaving metal uncovered, using fire scale left after high-temp minutes in a kiln. You can sand, scrape, hammer, dent, file, punch, bend and shape...just to name a few techniques.

I created this piece last night. It doesn't totally capture the recently unearthed look, but I think it kind of has that quality. On the other hand, it also looks aquaticish, like some kind of shell that has been attached the bottom of a boat for a year or two.

Whatever, it was fun to work on...


  1. Hi Leisa.....Love the last piece, it rustic and unusual( in a good way)...Be sure to bring some pieces to Rend Lake..Peggy

  2. Thanks Peggy! I'll keep working on these!

  3. Maybe you could look at some relics from Egypt or something...there's some preflood artifacts that are soooo fascinating. Look on Youtube: Ante-deluvial artifacts. (Check spelling.) Or the artifacts at the University museum?
    Just sharing some ideas.
    THanks for your blog!

  4. I will definitely do some research on artifacts. Thank you for reading it : )