Monday, January 10, 2011

The Red Sketchbook Project: 10

The final installment...thanks for your patience!


  1. (Sigh.) I wanted there to be MORE = ) Sign of a good book, Timm. Leave 'em wanting more! Leisa, I am SO glad you posted this. Now where do we buy copies of this oh-so-very-wonderful sketch book? I want one because of the author and illustrator, but also because of Marie Hardy and her great story. (Timm, I smell a sequel in here -- just sayin' ...)

  2. Leisa - Finally read thru the entire book - so good! I would like to meet Mrs. Hardy someday. So when is Timm going to be publishing this book??? I would love to have copies to share with others.

  3. He is working on the book right now...literally right now ; ) I will keep you posted.