Friday, January 28, 2011

It likes me at the moment...

I work in wherever medium likes me at the moment - Marc Chagall

Enameling is my medium of the choice at the moment. It is beginning to like me a little bit better now, although we still have lots of love/hate moments.

I like the experimental nature of working with the copper - strong, yet bendable. Each time I begin sifting and firing, it is an adventure. Light over dark, dark over light, transparent or opaque. Multiple coats of enamel and firings reveal textures and patterns that surprise me.

Last night, I worked,on several pieces adding some new enamels to the mix. Some were disasters, destined for the trash can or maybe another coat or two of enamel.

I was especially taken with this one. On one side, I used green transparent enamels over copper enameled with a clear enamel. The green seems like it glows, and there is a little crackling running throughout the piece.

The back is a mix of opaque blues. I used a tool to drag patterns through each fresh layer of powder to reveal the color below.

And I create my first ever real pair of earrings out of some smaller copper shapes.


  1. Oh Leisa! It's happening! = ) Love the earrings, and I know you're happy to have some perhaps a little less temperamental and more matchable than the fused glass! They are beautiful! But then, I always love blues and greens... Bring some of these to church for Show & Tell! Need to see them in person - they look uber-cool = )

  2. How did you get the enamel on both sides?? I love this - and the earrings are - well just everything you do - beautiful!

  3. Sandy, Thank you! I am still learning this. I fired one side, cooled the piece and did the other side. Several layers, several firings : )