Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I had a chance to take a brief break and visit the beach last week with my mom and mom-in-law. The ocean was just lovely. We spent some time walking on the beach, especially late in the day when the sun was setting.

Below are a couple of photos from our walks.

A long stretch of highway takes you there...
Miles of marsh and salt-kissed air.

Around the bend the lighthouse stands...
Green gray water and warm white sands.

Little houses, tropical hues...
Brightly splashed, they welcome you.

Long walks, flip flops, sand and sea...
Tybee simply let's you be!


  1. Found you through Kelly's Korner.... I am a Tybee girl:) Love Tybee.... going to go and look at your jewelry at the Beacon!! I hope you don't mind... but i LOVE your poem and want to "take it"!!!

  2. Thanks Billie! I'm pleased to hear you like the Tybee poem. My parents are down in Tybee almost every month. I wrote it for my dad for Father's Day one year.