Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Week of New Sketches

More sketches created this week using my iPad and the Paper by 53 app. I try to do one sketch each day. The app automatically posts them to my tumblr page and tweets them. I usually put the sketch of the day on my LeisaWorks Facebook page too.
I've had several people ask me about getting prints made from these. I've investigated and found 2 sites to create prints from Instagram images. I brought them into Instagram and set up galleries on each site. The image above shows a page in one of these galleries.
The first is called Instaprints - if you click you will go to my gallery. This site prints on canvas, acrylic, and different types of paper. You can even get a customized frame and mat. The other site is called instacanvas - they print on gallery wrapped canvas.

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