Monday, June 11, 2012

Thank you Viva! Everyday Design

I love it when things I use everyday are beautifully designed.

I know this feeling explains my 23 year passion for Apple products. It began at my first real job, when I first put fingers to the keyboard of a 512K and has progressed through the years with each new Apple creation I have had the pleasure to use.

Not only are their products beautiful and fun to use, they are solid and reliable and well designed from start to finish. I have always loved the moment when a new Mac arrived at my office or home. It is a treat to see how even the packaging is carefully designed to enhance the overall Mac experience.

For me, this love of beauty carries over to even the most mundane things. The other day, I picked up a package of paper towels that were on sale at Target. I do try to shop frugally, so often the ones on sale aren't all that great, but's just paper towels, right?

I really didn't even notice what brand or what they looked like until later when I was putting them away. I was so surprised to see something different than the plain white, or gaudy prints I'm used too. The colors coordinated, the designs were well done and fun, the quality of the actual towel was a superior. I'm not sure I can afford them when they aren't on sale, but I would totally be tempted. I know this may sound silly to some but just looking at them made me feel happy!

Thank you Viva!


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