Saturday, April 14, 2012

Belton and a new chair

Tim and I headed for Belton, SC early this morning for an impromptu show at the Belton Depot. I got an email last week asking if I would be interested, and I pretty much always am, if I have a free weekend. One of the best things about doing art shows and festivals is getting to see places I probably wouldn't get a chance to see and meeting people I would never have met.

Plus, I got a chance to try out my new chair! I picked it up over Spring Break, and this was my first show since I got it. I had been wanting a tall director's chair so that I could be up at the eye level of the people that visit my booth. I usually sit on a low lawn chair and spend lots of time popping up and down to talk to folks. So, now, I can sit and talk, and I am even able to use the back edge of the table as my desk...which is how I'm typing away right now.

The down side to the fact that I have time to be typing is that this hasn't been our busiest show ever. The good side is that the booth fee wasn't high and we have more than covered it with sales. More positives...we are inside the depot, the weather is absolutely perfect, the people are very friendly, and it's a chili making competition so the smells from outside are heavenly

And topping things new chair works perfectly!

My new chair in action.
The "surly" help :-)
View from our spot
The Belton Depot



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