Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Much Bigger Crowd at Night!

There were so many more people downtown last night for the Friday night special edition SLAM (Saturday Local Art Market). Of course, the nighttime version of SLAM required an added element to my booth setup - lighting.

I found a cool Chandelier at Hobby Lobby, and thankfully, it was 50% off this week. I also added one of those clip on lights that I picked up at Home Depot, a string of clear Christmas lights, some rechargeable tea lights, and some solar powered paper lanterns. I was really pleased with the way everything looked. Of course, it did take a good bit longer to setup than normal. I was grateful that my mom, dad and husband got there to help me!

I had also been tweaking my display a little bit, and it was mostly successful. I still need to work on it a bit. I replaced the paint trays and s-hooks with boards that have narrow wood strip ledges. The black paint was chipping off the boards a little too much, but the pendants stayed on the little ledges, and people were able to pick them up and put them back easily - much easier than the s-hook thing. Sp, I just need to use a different material for the boards and I think I will work fine.


  1. It looks beautiful! I hope you had a good night.

  2. Thanks Susan! It was a pretty night to be downtown!