Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Booth in Progress...

It seems like My booth is perpetually changing. I am still working on the display piece in the center of the table. I junked the paint trays and s hooks because the pendants were difficult to pick up. I figured out that I could use heavy duty foam core boards with thin strip "shelves" to hold the pendants. I glued dollar store chip clips to the back to attach the boards to the curtain rod suspended between the two metal folding shelves. The angle of the boards pretty much keeps the pendants from falling.

I really liked the chandelier I used the other night at the evening festival. It just added something to the booth, but I don't often need light at these things and so I can't see dragging it along all the time. But, I happened to run across a cool faux chandelier at Hobby Lobby. I combined it with some black and white paper lanterns that I already had in my stock. I thought it added a little whimsy to my booth.

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