Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Off the beaten path...

Since I had nonrefundable hotel reservations, my family took a trip to Cary, NC this past weekend.

Knowing that Hurricane Irene wasn't supposed to be too bad in that area, we drove down on Friday night. We decided to leave I-85 at Charlotte and take the smaller back roads to get there. I really don't enjoy being small car sandwich meat between a semi truck and the cement wall of death. If you could see my little car, you'd understand.

So when time allows, I always like to take the road less traveled and see the small towns along the way. We saw a "Walmart Express" - looked like a cross between a Walgreens and a Walmart. I didn't even know those existed. We saw a convenience store chain called "Tank and Tummy" - their slogan: "fill both at the same time!"

I was really impressed with the Cary area. We stayed in a very nice Holiday Inn and Suites. There were lots of refuges from the coastal areas staying there too. Irene came ashore about 7:00 am on Saturday, and we were in the very outer band of the storm. The winds were fairly high, and it pretty much rained all day long,

Tim and I drove over to the actual downtown Cary area and found the streets where the festival would have been. It was pouring rain, and it made me grateful to the organizers for canceling it. I think it would have been a miserable day for everyone involved. I also imagine my tent would have been worse for the wear after enduring the high winds...if it survived at all.

We didn't really do much the rest of our time there. We visited a mall, had lunch at a Red Robin, hung out at the hotel, and just relaxed. It was good for my family to have a chance to ditch the routine and just hang out. So, even though I was disappointed that I didn't get to experience my first Festival there, it turned out to be a nice weekend after all.

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