Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Giveaway that Wasn't...

I have to admit that sometimes this whole blogging thing isn't easy.

I really enjoy writing, and I love working with glass and paint and metal. Sometimes, I have things that I really want to share, ideas I'm excited about, random thoughts, blessings, stuff like that. I don't worry so much that nobody may actually read what I'm throwing up on my blog, it's just kind of an outlet for me, a diary of sorts. I can refer back to posts to see the different shows we've gone to and people we've met. I can see what I've been working on at different times - keeping kind of a visual record.

I do try to find people out there who might be interested in fused glass, or enameling or painting, or CS Lewis, absolute truth, beauty, design, color and more. I link up with an occasional blog to share recipes and ideas.

I even linked up to a blog giveaway recently. I was a little disappointed that not a single person seemed interested in leaving a comment and being eligible to win a pendant. I'm not really sure why this happened. Maybe it was something about the way I phrased my give away. Maybe I wasn't giving away enough to make it worth the trouble. I will try it again soon and who knows, this time it might work.

There are times I wonder if a tree falls on a blog does it may any noise?

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  1. Well, I am very disappointed that I missed that post! Pretty sure I was getting ready for a trip that week and wasn't staying on top of my blog reading. I'm going to start paying more attention! :) I went back and found that post and I really wish I had seen it. Next time! Love, love, love your work! :)