Friday, August 26, 2011

New, New Things...

In my preparation for upcoming shows, I've been working like mad on pendants, larger pieces and even some earrings. Since Irene blew out the Cary show, I should be well prepared for fall shows and restocking my inventory in the various shops and galleries that carry my stuff, and I will probably put some of these on my Etsy and Yessy sites as well.

Here is a taste of some of new, new things...

Black glass hand painted with Glassline paint and fired without a clear glass cap.

This piece is stacked glass that has been tack fused.

A simple set of earrings - Glassline paint on black glass.

2 layers of black glass handpainted with Glassline paint and fused.

Dichroic pattern with clear cap.

Black glass with Glassline paint details.

Diagonal quilt-square inspired pendant in green, aqua, gray and black.

Since the festival isn't going this weekend, these are all still available. If you are looking for something in different colors, etc. Let me know, I probably have it.


  1. Okay. Gorgeous. Need names for them so we can call them rightly! And then our husbands will know which ones we really, really like and want to add to the Leisa Artus Collection = )

    I definitely have two new favorites lurking above = )

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Thank you Susan! You are always so encouraging, and I appreciate it! Hope all is well with you. Let's get together soon.

  3. Definitely like the tack fused piece and the black glassLine painted piece. As always beautiful.