Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To tack or not to tack...

Saturday, I was straightening up my work area and ran across some transparent glass that I had purchased a while ago. I sat down and started experimenting with the colors - layering blues and greens, yellows and browns. I pieced together a few small pendants and prepared to fire them.

I had to decide if I would fully fuse them or tack fuse them. I went the tack route, although, I put a few aside because I really want to see what happens to the transparent glass when the pieces fully fuse together.

Tack fusing occurs at a lower temperature than full fuse. For me, it's between 1300 and 1400 degrees. Basically, it's fusing the separate pieces together, but stopping before the pieces lose their actual shapes. It gives you a kind of layered look. I keep a close eye on the pieces in the kiln and stop the process when the desired look is achieved.

Here are the pieces from the weekend.






  1. That green one is just delish; they're all so appealing - probably looking like lollipop candy is part of it! I like the tack take, lol.

  2. Jolly Ranchers! THAT's what they remind me of. So neat.

  3. You're right about these looking like like candy. I did some kind of like it a while back, and Tim named them after different kinds of candy :-)