Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Never ending story...

I know there are much more important issues in the world, but since this is my blog, and I usually ramble on about nothing much anyway, I hope you'll humor me one more time.

I am on an unending quest to find the perfect bag. It's become somewhat of a running joke among my family and friends, and I will confess that I've plowed through a bunch of purses over the years. I am really rough on them, and they usually don't last long. Plus, it's rare that I'm happy with their functionality.

The whole thing is even more complicated this last couple of years because I now need something to safely house my ever-present iPad.

Oh, did I mention that I don't want to spend a fortune either?

The last thing I tried was a bag from Target that looked more like a mini-suitcase. It worked fairly well, but I could never find anything in it, and it weighed a ton. Before that, I had a smaller one, but I could barely wedge my iPad into the slot, and everything felt crammed together.

But yesterday, I ran across a new bag at Ross. It's a Fossil Messenger style bag. I'm hesitant to think this, but it may just be the one I've been searching for. It was more than I ordinarily spend on a purse but over half off what these usually go for. I had just looked a similar bag at a Department store last week, but just couldn't make myself pay that much. Yesterday, my sister was with me, and I took her advice and went ahead and paid the extra.

I just liked it. I liked the fabric and materials - the stitched pattern, the cool leather covered magnetic closures, the perfect space for my iPad, a side pocket for my phone and camera, even a place to store my chargers and other gadgets, an adjustable cross body strap, and even a couple of nice embellishments.

Of course, the verdict is still not in, and the infatuation could be brief, but for right now, it's true last.



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