Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet and Swift

The tile above was created especially for Kara. She wanted a redbird, but also requested a more muted palette than some of my other pieces. I tend to gravitate toward bright, bold color and pattern. This piece was created by hand painting a piece of black Wismach glass with Glassline paint. I love the wonderful way these paints handle - thinned with water they take on a lovely watercolor quality when fired.

This piece also reminded me of this poem by Robert Frost. It seems whenever I post a poem, it is by Frost. Something about his work resonates with me. I am always touched by the imagery he uses. I feel like I am there seeing and feeling what he saw and felt. After reading a short biography on him, I was also deeply touched by the hardships he endured during his life.

Looking For a Sunset Bird in Winterby Robert Frost
The breath of air had died of cold,
When shoeing home across the white, I thought I saw a bird alight.
In summer when I passed the place
I had to stop and lift my face; The west was getting out of gold,
A bird with an angelic gift Was singing in it sweet and swift. No bird was singing in it now. A single leaf was on a bough, And that was all there was to see In going twice around the tree. From my advantage on a hill I judged that such a crystal chill Was only adding frost to snow As gilt to gold that wouldn't show.  A brush had left a crooked stroke Of what was either cloud or smoke From north to south across the blue;A piercing little star was through.

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