Friday, June 10, 2011

A Special Request

A friend recently asked me if I could create a whale pendant for her. She has written or is writing a book about a whale...I think, but haven't gotten all the details on that just yet.

Anyway...I just finished the whale pendant along with a few others, and thought I'd post the step by step photos. I am also linking this post to Kristen's weekly Show and Sell.

Step 1 - the image is hand painted on a black piece of glass.

Step 2 - the image is capped with a clear piece of glass and placed on a kiln shelf inside the kiln.

Step 3 - the pieces are brought up to about 1550 degrees for a full fuse, flash vented and then allowed to cool.

Step 4 - once cool, a pendant bail is affixed and the pendant is finished.

Here are a few other finished pendants from this batch.


  1. love the whale and butterfly!

  2. They are beautiful! Thanks for linking to my party! Love the butterflies...I'm going to have to get one sometime. Kristen