Friday, July 8, 2011

Trial and Error

I've been working some with paint lately. Of course, I am still creating glass, but sometimes I need a break from that.

These are two recent pieces. One is quite small and the other is probably the largest piece I've ever attempted. The small one is acrylic on unprimed board. I really like working that way. It is about 8x8.

The other one is a similar technique, but it's on canvas. I was experimenting to see how canvas worked. It is 24x36 and took considerably more time. I really wanted to see what it felt like to work that big...kind of fun!

I have my ups and downs with painting. I enjoy it, but it's definitely a struggle. Glass is so much easier for me. My brain just gets it, whereas painting isn't as intuitive for me.

My paintings were some of the pieces I submitted to the local craft fair for jurying. I was "declined" - so that was a downer. They released the list of participants today, and I glanced through those selected to the 2-D Art Category. There was some very nice work there. After seeing those, I kind of think mine isn't terrible, just not what they were looking for.

On an positive note, I did sell 2 pieces that were hanging in the "Ensemble" show at work. Plus, I got at least one commission and possibly two from that show. That was encouraging! I think it's good to pursue many different outlets for work. What doesn't work in one venue, might be perfect in another.

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